Create graphic designs, brochures, posters, stickers in Arabic Language.
Arabic Translation Works
for advertising, laws, tourism, medical etc.
Promote your Business & Services
in Social Media using Arabic.
Arabic Language Assistance
for Spoken Arabic & Literary Arabic.


Al-Mumarasa Language Centre offers courses which are designed to optimize your progress and provide the language skills needed to communicate effectively in Arabic. Arabic is the official language of more than 25 countries around the world. If you want to communicate or trade in these countries, you should have knowledge in Arabic language.

نقوم في مدينة كوتشين بولاية كيرالا من بلادالهند بتقديم خدمات الترجمةالمعتمدةلكل من الوثائق سواء كانت من الجهات القانونية او الطبية او من قبل السفارة اوالقنصل اوالوزارات المختلفة وسائر الاوراق كلها من العربية الى الانجليزية وبعكسها.والخبراءالمترجمون المصاحبون مع السياحيين الذين يزورون بلاد الهند متوافرون ايضا.

Any official document in these countries must be in Arabic language. Especially, in the Government offices and in Legal departments. Al-Mumarasa Language Centre has a deep routed linguistic curriculum in Arabic language and it promotes Arabic as a language of business instead of limiting the wide scope of language within the frame of religious aspects.

Arabic for Beginners Modern Standard Arabic Pronounciation & Articulation Arabic for Islamic Studies Linguistic inimitability of Quran

Classes for
Spoken Arabic & Literary Arabic

  • We organize special academic programs for aspirants of Arabic language and literature courses
Arabic Language Study


If you are in need of Arabic translation services regarding immigration, legal, professional, academic or financial application. Then you can find excellent solutions with us. Legal or official Arabic translation should be performed by an experienced Arabic translator having the knowledge to handle such a translation.

‛ Quality translation services, On-time delivery and Exceptional customer services are the main peculiarities of us. ’
Arabic English Translation
  • We provides training for Arabic translation works.
  • Do arabic legal translation works for Middle East Countries
  • Provides lingustic assistance for Middle East transactions.

If you want to submit any documents, certificates or statements to any offices, companies or institutions in Arab countries we will provide excellent translations. If you want to translate any documents required by court such as invoices, contracts or statements, you can approach our office and get authorized translation services. We translate expert reports, official documents and court rulings. We will help you to get translated your all required documents in a proper channel.

Arabic Medical Translation Services

We translate Patient records, Medical findings, Drug labeling and packaging, Clinical trials, Standard operating procedures (SOPs), Instructions for use (IFUs), Independent medical exams (IMEs), Patient instructions, Medical journals, Pharmacological studies, Physician manuals etc. We provide accurate Arabic translations for the above mentioned documents.

Arabic Medical Translation Services

Arabic for Islamic Studies

  • Tutions for reciting the Holy Quran and Islamic Arabic.
  • Conducts madrasa classes for Islamic Religious Studies.
  • We provide Islamic pre school teacher education , Arabic tutorials for school children , Islamic teaching for adults, Islamic counseling services in Kerala.
  • Our course Curriculum includes Spoken Arabic and English Programmes. We also train Arabic teachers and Madrasa teachers for their career excellence.

Assistance for Indian Languages

  • We also teach Urdu, Hindi, Tamil & Malayalam languages
  • We undertake translation works from Arabic to Malayalam / Urdu / Hindi / Tamil languages and vice versa.
  • We provide authorized translation services from Arabic to English and vice versa.
  • Our service is available in various Indian and foreign languages too.
Arabic Business Team

Drafting the Arabic documents

  • We will provide arabic web content writing, medical translation, technical translation etc.
  • We also provide translation services for Brochures, Posters and Notices.
  • Proof Reading, editing, books/magazines/newsletters translation, Blogs or website translations are the other services guaranteed by us.
  • Carry out graphic designing and DTP works in Arabic.

We helps you to promote your business by preparing relevant Arabic audio clips and texts for posting in social media. One of our core features is the preparation of attractive Arabic posters that draws the attention of customers, so as to promote your business. We make Arabic Notices, Arabic Books, Arabic Magazines, Arabic Art works etc . We also provide Arabic video and audio dubbing for films. We also undertake Arabic Animation works.

Tuition for Arabic Students

Our center provides tuition for BA , MA , PG , PHD ,Bed , Med students in Arabic language. Excellency in Arabic grammar , Spoken Arabic , Translation and Excellency in Nahvu and Surf is also guaranteed.

  • Arabic Calligraphy is an art and culture which can be enjoyed and produce nourishments in human minds.
  • We provide Arabic calligraphy works and calligraphy coaching for the needy.
  • Arabic Public Speech: We will make Arabic Speeches for the customers according to their needs.
  • We also train students to become excellent Arabic Orators .
Arabic Students